Kiplinger's RankingRanking 300 cities nationwide, Kiplinger's Magazine names Flagstaff #9 in its "Best Cities of 2009"

"Flagstaff is infused with new energy -- both from its residents and college students at Northern Arizona University. The university adds jobs to the city's economy, plus arts and entertainment to its cultural scene," says Kiplinger's Personal Finance in choosing Flagstaff as #9 in it's annual survey of Best Cities for 2009. The Kiplinger's article, appearing in its July 2009 issue, says the magazine based its choice of top cities for the year by focusing on places that have stable employment plus the talent to create new, well-paying positions. According to Kiplinger's, a robust job market makes these cities safe havens during the recession and will give them a head start toward growth when the recovery takes off.

The article got a few things wrong about Flagstaff: It counted the population of the entire County as being within Flagstaff, saying our total population is over 126,000. In fact, the City of Flagstaff is about half that, with the immediately surrounding County areas (Flagstaff mailing addresses) adding another $15,000 or so. Secondly, they overlooked one of our largest, high-tech firms: Gore Medical Products, which was named on of Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2009. They also over-looked our high-tech business incubator, which officially opened in November 2008 and has already spawned a successful high-tech business: Senestech, Inc.

So, thanks, Kiplinger's. We're even better than you think we are!

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